Seasonal Care


We can help you protect your pet from disases spread by ticks and mosquitos.

Deer Ticks

Deer ticks are very prevalent in the Park Rapids area and can infect your pet with serious diseases such as Lyme, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis. Applying Frontline Plus or Certifect and, if necessary, additional tick control products, will help protect your pet from ticks. We can test your pet for 5 tick-borne diseases in 10 minutes! Most tick diseases will respond to treatment if detected early.


Dogs are always at risk for heartworm infections which are spread by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are a very efficient vector. Heartworm infections can be fatal and are expensive to treat. We see new cases every year. All dogs shold receive a monthly heartworm preventative that also treats intestinal roundworms that are common in dogs and can be transmitted to people.

Spring Special

Every year heartworm preventatives and tick control products are discounted during March, April, and May.

Free doses of product and coupons add to savings!


Have fun, enjoy the weather and keep your pet healthy and safe!


Apply monthly tick and flea products and give monthly heartworm preventative.


Apply monthly flea and tick product (Frontline Plus or Revolution.) Appply new topical dewormer for roundworms and tapeworms (Profender) as needed.


Dogs that spend the summer swimming are very prone to ear infections. We have several products for prevention. Retrievers and other thick coated dogs need to be watched for "Hot Spots", areas of acute moist dermatitis that develop in hot summer weather. Pollens from trees, grass, and weeds cause allergy flare ups. Early detection and treatment is helpful.


Porcupine quills, fish hooks, vehicle trauma and dog fight injuries are some of our most common summer emergencies. Never leave your dog in a parked car during the summer. The temperature can reach 160 degrees in ten minutes! Dogs can't sweat so they over heat easily on hot days, especially when exercised. Brachycephalic breeds such as pugs and bull dogs are at high risk. Never let your dog ride loose in the back of a pickup. Every year we get several dogs that fall out and break their legs.


Enjoy the weather while it lasts and keep your pet safe.

Lyme Disease

Deer ticks are "cool season ticks" and love the cooler fall temperatures. Many pets contract Lyme disease during fall though symptoms may not appear for many months. Lyme disease can result in permanent damage to the joints and sometimes fatal kidney failure. We recommend dogs at risk be vaccinated against Lyme disease.


Make sure your pet does not have access to D-Con, other rat/ mouse poisons or antifreeze. These can be very dangerous and even deadly.

  • Call us right away if this should happen.
  • If your pet is poisoned:
    • Try to determine what the poison was, when ingested and amount swallowed.
    • When you bring your pet in to see us, bring the poison container (or its label) with you

Deer Hunting

Deer season presents several hazards to pets. Make sure you keep your pet at home where it is safe. Dogs ingesting large quantities of deer meat and fat can become very ill with Pancreatitis resulting in severe vomiting, diarrhea, and permanent damage to the pancreas. Dogs ingesting deer bones can become severely constipated, often requiring hospitalization. Also, deer hunters may mistake your dog for a coyote or be angry that a dog is running through the woods during hunting and shoot your dog either intentionally or unintentionally. Every year we get dogs that have been shot by hunters or neighbors.

October is Senior Wellness Month

Pets age much faster than humans and by age seven, dogs and cats are considered seniors. We want to help your pet live a long, healthy life.

We have developed a "Special Care of Older Pets Program" (SCOOP) to address the specific needs of veterinary care for the older pet. We have several packages for the senior pet available and we will be happy to explain the details to you. Ask us, "Whatís the SCOOP?"


February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Dental disease is one of the more common medical conditions among family pets and can be the most serious health problems of senior pets.

Every year we have discounts on dental procedures and products during February and try to highlight this important aspect in your petís health!

Call us about the details!

Heartworm Preventatives

Continue administering monthly doses because the medication also treats intestinal roundworms that can infect pets, contaminate the environment and can be transmitted to people, especially children.